17 - 19 August 2018




  • Omaggio a Giacinto Scelsi - Alessandro Vicard: Conduction, Valeria Geremia: Danza Butoh, Andrea 'Lapsus' Pennisi: Visuals
  • Tommaso Vespo: Piano, Trevor Brown: Sax, Ulf Mengersen: Contrabass, Salvoandrea Lucifora: Trombone, Antonio Longo: Drums
  • Salvoandrea Lucifora: Trombone, Salvo Barbagallo: Sopran sax, Antonio Aiello: Contrabass, Illi Adato: Sound Electronics, Antonio Longo: Drums
  • E. Amato: Trombone, W. Paraskevopoulos: Piano, T. Brown: Sax, A. Vicard: Contrabass, M. Holub: Drums

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The RaRa 2017 International Lineup is ready!
Miriam Siebenstädt - Sax (Germany)
Daniele Lo Re - Guitar (Italy)
Rick Jensen - Sax (UK)
Trevor Br

RARA 2017 will take place at Villa Comunale of Palazzolo Acreide, from 27th to 30th of July.