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Tommaso Vespo

Tommaso Vespo

He began studying piano at an early age he studied jazz with various teachers including Alberto Alibrandi. So, since 2000 has launched a series of artistic collaborations, and he performed in several jazz clubs,... Read more

Illi Adato (Ov London - UK)

"Sound, like Intuition, provides a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind".

... Read more

Tellef Ogrim

Fretless guitarist ... Read more

Gandolfo Pagano

Gandolfo Pagano sicilian guitarist, from a long history of rock, blues and jazz. Since the late nineties is devoted to experimental improvised music with a view to overcoming the systematic limitations of the conventional instrument... Read more

Esad Halilovic, Vienna

The man with the Balkan groove in his venes (roots from Serbia)...Studies of Jazz Percussion in Vienna, focused in improvised music and just started a career as a composer with his first tune few weeks ago.

Zahra Mani

bass guitar and field recordings

I use instruments, field and studio recordings and electronics in my compositions and improvisations in an ongoing search for... Read more

Mezz Gacano
1973 - Nasco a Palermo.
1981 - Inizio a studiare musica e pianoforte
1983 - Il mio maestro di piano , diventa mio padre
1984 - Abbandono lo studio del pianoforte
1986 - Scopro tramite audio... Read more
Daniele Lo Re
      "         " .__  . " .   -Marcus Turner-
   "     *.__            .  )                       o... Read more          
Steve Buchanan

STEVE BUCHANAN : Musician , Dancer , Composer

Born in Philadelphia, multinstrumentalist Steve Buchanan... Read more

Davide Granato


Chitarra/ supporti elettronici/ free loop. Dal '93 collabora con Alphabetic Notion (Elio Amato: trombone e piano, Alessandro Vicard: contrabbasso/elettronica). Con i due svolge attività... Read more

Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer, musician-composer in the realm of improvised music/noise/soundscapes, on... Read more

Alessandro Vicard

Double bass player - composer started to work with radical improvised music in 1994 with Davide Granato and Elio Amato.

... Read more
Danio Catanuto

He attended music courses since the high school at the Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan getting superior degrees in Composition and Electronic Music; he has attended several courses of specialization in composition and electronic music at... Read more

Antonio Longo

classe 1969 artista indipendente FORTHCOMING TRIO

Mia Zabelka

Mia Zabelka, sound artist, violinist and vocalist from Vienna, with czech, jewish and french familiar background, lives in the Austrian region of southern Styria.

She has the international reputation of one of the most innovative... Read more

Alena Baich, Vienna

Alena Baich / Vienna: actress, director. 5 years member of cast at the National Theater of Vienna (Burgtheater), since 2005 freelancer on stage (Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Salzburg) and in tv and movies (Austria, Germany). workshops and... Read more

Jacek Kochan

JACEK KOCHAN – Composer, arranger, producer and percussionist. For many years he was living and worked in New York, Montreal and Toronto.

Currently he lives and works in Warsaw, where he continues to compose, play... Read more

Heike Fiedler

Poet, performer, sound- and visual artist. 

Works with pencil, paper, laptop, live-electronics, "ltp" (livetextprojection). Conception, composition,... Read more

trevor brown

Australian multi-instumentalist/composer/sound designer.

Flute, saxes, bass clarinet, mandolin/bouzouki,... Read more

Chris Iemulo

Chris Iemulo (Siracusa, 1978) is a musician, guitarist, improviser/composer, performer, musicologist and a music teacher. He has studied different styles, from the classic to the contemporary, blues, jazz, the Italian... Read more

Francesco Cusa

Batterista e compositore, nato a Catania nel 1966 e laureatosi al Dams di Bologna nel 1994 con la tesi: “Gli elementi extramusicali nella performance jazzistica”, ha suonato tra gli altri con:

Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna, Attilio... Read more

Sandro Sciarratta


Sandro Sciarratta - contrabbasso, elettronica, composizione . 
Sin dal 1968/70 mostra particolare interesse per la musica jazz anche per l'aiuto dello zio noto pittore d'avanguardia.... Read more
Dara Siligato
Si forma per 10 anni in danza classica.
Studia teatro classico, teatro di ricerca, teatro-danza a Milano, Roma, Messina, Palermo, Catania, Parigi, Belgio,Germania, Spagna.
Studia e incontra: Eugenio Barba, Maurizio... Read more

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La Squadra Internazionale per il RaRa 2017 è formata!
Miriam Siebenstädt - Sax (Germany)
Daniele Lo Re - Guitar (Italy)
Rick Jensen - Sax (UK)

RARA 2017 will take place at Villa Comunale of Palazzolo Acreide, from 27th to 30th of July.